Contact DreadHeadHQ

Contact DreadHeadHQ


Our Address:
7001 St Andrews Rd #302
Columbia, SC, 29212


 At this time all customer service is handled using our ticket system and all orders are placed in our online store*. 



We've found that we are able to assist customers faster and ultimately provide a higher level of service by channeling all communication through our ticket center. While our ticket center provides the convenience of being able to respond and receive updates from your email inbox, you'll always have a record of all communication stored in our ticket center and you'll always receive a verification that we've received your message. If you'd like to send us feedback about our move to an online system please scroll down and use the quick suggestion form in the left side of the page.

For all support inquiries, Order or Dreadlocks related, please visit our support page which will help you find the best form for your request and allow us to offer you the most efficient service possible.

*Even when paying by money order you'll start the order in our online store and your order will ship after we receive your payment by mail.

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