Dread Band


$ 14.00 


The Dread Head Dread Band is the most versatile dread accessory. Dread bands make your dreads look even better while keeping them out of your way. Perfect for sports and other pursuits where dreads might get in your face. Dread Bands push your dreads up making them look fuller and thicker.

Dread bands are perfect for new dreads too. If your roots are still a bit looser than you’d like you’ll love the way the dread band hides the roots and forces your new dreadies into a big thick waterfall of smooth nappy locks.

By folding the dread bands you can make lots pimpin stylez! First you have the basic headband, dreads flopped over the top...tilt it back and squeeze the dreads together and you have the big phat pony tail hangin out the back...unfold it, pull it up and you have tall dread hat with your dreadies sticking straight up....pull the back down and it looks like a doo rag, perfect for holding dreads while you sleep or keeping them up and out of the way while they air dry after a shower.

The long awaited Mere-Eve logos are now in play and they look dope as hell! Choose from brown & pink or blue & silver, or heck, get both and save a few clams. If you wear yours as much as I wear mine you’ll be glad ya did. ; ) Oh, BTW, These bad boys are stitched right here at the HQ so can you can be sure there is no shoddy work-man-ship goin’ on. Each one is guaranteed to look the biz-niss, and it will!!

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