Dreadlocks Pictures Alternatives to Backcombing

Check out pictures of dreadlocks that were made with alternative methods.


dreadlocks beard

Name: Michael

How did you start your dreads? Freeform

If you used products, which products did you use?: Deadhead shampoo

Dreadlocks Age: 5 days old

mahoganie dreadlocks

Name: Mahoganie

How did you start your dreads? Freeform

Dreadlocks Age: 26 years old

Ashley's Dreadlocks

Name: Ashley

Dreadlocks Age: 4 years

Tyesha's Dreadlocks

Tyesha's Dreadlocks

Name: Tyesha

How did you start your dreads?: Twisting

Age of dreads: 11 years

Cory's Dreadlocks

Name: Cory

Dreadlocks Age: Day 5

Sunshine dreadlocks

Sunshine dreadlocks


Name: Sunshine

Dreadlocks Age: My locs are 21 years old. I almost sit on them. They sit in my lap when driving.

How did you start your dreads?: Synthetic/Extensions

I have wrapped my locs with hair color because people keep TOUCHING MY HAIR! WHICH IS A BIG NO, NO!!! I'm also doing dreadlocks repair to my hair. I didn't want to color my own dreadlocks because I didn't want to damage my hair and I was also told by the salon that it would cost me around $2000 to have them color my hair because of how long it is. WRONG!!!! So I wrapped it. That only costs me around $60 and I do it myself. My hair is a spiritual part of me and that is only for myself and who I am with to touch. The only person I let wash my hair is my mother or myself. You maybe asking Why all the different colors??? It is my way of representing all people. Because we are one! I do think of all and it is an extension from me to share with all. Don't touch the art...:)